Yes, you can! Vinyl is 100% waterproof and can even be used INSIDE a shower! It is also heat and stain resistant, self-adhesive, and super easy to install and keep clean.

Yes, you can. Vinyl is heat resistant but should not be exposed to direct flames.

Yes, you can! If the existing tiles are smooth to the touch. Vinyl can be used on ANY smooth surface.

Vinyl is self-adhesive – so no need to buy any extra glue.

We are based in Cape Town, but courier country wide to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom and is an exclusively online business.

Yes, we can courier to your doorstep anywhere in SA.

Yes, we do. Please email you images and the size you want to lecia@ewaalart.com for a quote.

Production takes +- 3-4 working days, after which it will be ready to courier to your doorstep.

Surface Preparation and Application Instructions:
Wipe your surface with a dry cloth and sand down any rough areas. Make sure it is completely dust free.
Flip the decal sheet around and slowly peel off the back layer. Best working from one corner to the opposite corner at an angle.
Spray the sticky side of your vinyl with a mixture of water and a few drops of either dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo and wet thoroughly. A fine misty type of spray nozzle is best.
Use the soapy water to wet the whole back of the decal (glue side) as well as the surface it should go on & apply while wet. This will allow you to move it until you’re happy with the position.
Apply the wet vinyl onto the wet area. Move it around until you are happy with the position.
When you are happy take a soft cloth and wipe the whole sticker down with a credit card wrapped in a soft cloth. Star from the middle and work your way to the edges, squeezing all the water out.
Keep in place with masking tape until the adhesive sticks properly. Can take up to 24 hours.
Rub it down every now and then until the glue has settled and dried. Remove masking tape.
Vinyl is self-adhesive, 100% waterproof, heat resistant (not flame resistant) and stain resistant.
When using in a bathroom, we suggest sealing all edges with clear silicone to prevent water from entering between surface and vinyl.
Floor and table vinyl are laminated, which makes it scratch resistant.
Wait at least 2 weeks before applying to newly painted walls.
This product works best on a SMOOTH surface. We do not recommend sticking them on rough walls.
Suitable surfaces:
Smooth walls, cupboards, fridges, glass & mirrors, cars, laptop covers, tiles, etc. Our stickers stick well on both enamel and acrylic paint. The smoothness of the surface is the most important.
It can be more easily removed when heated with a hair dryer but cannot be reused.
Thank you for your purchase!